Auto-Assign Collaborators by Project Role

We are currently using the Project Role function when setting up new projects. Does Asana have the ability to (or plans to have the ability to) auto-assign collaborators by Project Role as well?


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Yes have a look here

This might be also interesting


Hi Andrea,

We are currently using the Project Roles when setting up projects/templates and assigning tasks to the project role, the question actually was - can you also use Project Roles to auto-assign collaborators by project role as well?

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Hi @Amber_Harmon , it is not currently possible to assign project roles as collaborators to a task within a project template, but hopefully Asana will add this in the near future.

Note that you can assign project roles to subtasks, in case that helps.

I couldn’t find an existing thread in the #forum-en:product-feedback category so I’m moving this thread there so you can vote on adding this feature (scroll to the top and click the purple button in the top left).