Audit task moves on board-style projects

We use Board projects extensively for a Kanban-style of project flow; the highest priority tasks are at the top of the To Do column, and then we move then across to In Progress column(s), then Done.

The audit trail on the tasks is gold-dust, because we work so collaboratively. One of a number of people might update the description of a task, or add/remove a tag, or drag it into a new column. It’s all captured. Brilliant.

But one thing that isn’t audited is when a task gets moved up or down within the same column. Now, if you’re following Kanban you’ll know how important this is. The position in the column is the priority of that task. If someone moves it up, they are saying it is more important than the tasks beneath it.

Right now we’re struggling, because we cannot spot who moved a task up or down the column, and so we don’t even know who to ask about a change, or whether it happened deliberately or by accident.

We’ve had to work around it by mandating “only person X is allowed to move tasks!” but that kinda goes against the super-collaborative principle that is so great about Asana. What do you think?


Anyone have any views on this? We haven’t come up with any better workarounds or solutions. It’s really frustrating when one contributor says “hmm… that task isn’t very important” and drags it down the list, and then the next day another contributor says “hmm… why is that so low?” and drags it back up the list, and then the next day the original contributor says… well, you get the idea!

hi @Matthew_Steer how did you ultimately solve your audit trail problem?

Any resolution?