Attachments out of order

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Attachments used to show in the order they were uploaded, but no longer. For example, If I have a spreadsheet that is updated weekly, I would name it Spreadsheet 9.17.19. And so on each week. This meant that when I went back, I could scroll and easily find the spreadsheet from 7.17.19 for example. But now they are all mixed up, and this is three years worth of data. Why the change?
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Browser version: Chrome

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Welcome to the Forum @Amanda_Horne and thank you for taking time to report this.

Sorry to hear that you are running into this issue. Could you please confirm if this is happening to this particular task or is it happening to every task with attachments in the Project?

Could you also confirm if you experience the same behaviour when using a different browser?

Thanks for your help; I look forward to your reply!

Hi @Amanda_Horne :wave:

I’m closing this thread since I haven’t heard back from you in the last two weeks but please, feel free to reach out again if you are still experiencing this issue! I’ll be more than happy to assist you further!

Have a great day!