Attachments in a Task within a Project


Hi there - looking to see if there is a work around when adding attachments to a task within a project. The problem we are experiencing is within a project, we have two tasks (example - project = social post, task 1 = image/video for social post and task 2 = copy for the post). Both tasks are assigned to two different people while managed by a third. When the person responsible for task 1 uploads the image/video to the project from his task list, it does not appear in the project. It only appears if they go into the project and upload there. Is there a solution to this so that any attachments added from their task list will become visible in the projects?


If I am understanding you correctly, your team members must have access to the project and the tasks with the attachments.

The files tab on on project summary show all file attachments in the project regardless of task as long as the team member has access to that task containing the attachment.

I would run a quick test with a teammate to verify.