Attachments - Image instead of Link



It we be awesome if attachments showed a thumbnail image of what has been attached, instead of just a link. Sometimes I miss the attachment or forget it’s there so a small thumbnail would make it more obvious and I would know what the attachment is before clicking on it. Just a thought!


Hi @Kyra_Marie_Bell - thanks for the feedback. Are you attaching image files? If you are attaching image files, they should show with a preview within the comments area. Other attachments such as excel files, word docs, or cloud based attachments (drive, dropbox, box, etc.) will not appear with a preview.


Yes, you’re right! Photos do a show a thumbnail, which is awesome. I was
just thinking it might be nice for a future update to have thumbnails of
other docs (pdfs in particular). I work in architecture so a lot of our
files are pdf’s of plans or details so it would be nice to have a quick
preview. Just an idea.

Kyra Marie Bell


Would be awesome if images showed more like this attachment versus the comments feed.


@Melissa1 Is this a mockup you made, or a screenshot of a different platform?