Attaching Google doc via android

I can’t seem to attach a Google doc or sheet to a task via the android app. I’ve allowed sharing in the Google folder and the Google doc, but when I try to add the attachment, the file is grayed out and not clickable. I am able to add the Google sheet via desktop and then edit via the android app. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi Nicole,

Thanks for reporting! I’m the Community Manager here at Asana. This is a bug we’re aware of.

Could you please help us by telling us what type of device you’re on? Settings → About phone → Model number should be enough information. Feel free to send me a private message with this information if you’d prefer not to share it publicly.

In the meantime, a workaround would be to download the file from google drive and then attach it from device storage.


Thanks for the reply. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 model SM-G930V.


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Thanks @NRichie! I’ve forwarded your info to my colleagues on the Android team.

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I actually ran into something similar the other week and didn’t think much of it except it was a quirk/limitation of the app, and also that it wouldn’t open drive links in tasks in the drive app, but instead would download them onto the phone.

I have a Nexus 6 on android 7.1.1 =)

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I’m having exactly the same issue. Running the Asana App from a Samsung Galaxy 8. Docs from the Google Drive appear greyed out.

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We are also experiencing this problem. Asana, have you fixed this yet?

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Any update on this? I just realized this is still an issue on my Galaxy 10+, and is, in my mind, a quite important bug to address since it significantly impact how you can work efficiently mobile. Thanks!

Any updates on this?

We are using Apple products (Phone and Ipad) and having the same issue. We can’t upload google doc forms from a mobile or tablet device, it must to be done on a Laptop or desktop. In terms of efficiency, it would be great if we could upload documents from google drive from a mobile or tablet.

I’m having this issue too on a galaxy s8.

Any news on a fix?

Any update? Still having issue in Ipad and Galaxy s21+

Hello! Any update? I’m literally having the same problem with my Galaxy Tab S7 and my Galaxy S21.

I’m using the Samsung A73 and still have this issue.
Is there any updates to this issue?

Wow, since 2017… I’m seem to have this issue in 2024! I’m using a Google Pixel 6 Pro. All my gsheets are greyed out but I have some Excel sheets and they are showing available to attach… Any ideas?