Attaching Documents & Commenting on Multiple Tasks at Once

We would love to be able to attach documents and comment on multiple tasks simultaneously to be able to be more efficient with how we communicate in asana.

I second this! We use Asana for our Email campaigns - each specific campaign has a Google Doc where all team members draft and approve of content, subject lines, etc. As the project manager for these campaigns it’s my responsibility to attach this doc to every pertinent task…they’re in the dozens for each team member and it’s the same darn document. Would be a sweet little feature to save time and make everyone’s access to the crucial components that much easier.


I hope this gains more traction. I would like to be able to make one comment show up in different tasks. For example, a phone call with a client which resolves around several tasks would require me to copy and paste the same update to each task. It would be more efficient just to comment on one task and be able to add other tasks to add the comment to. A bonus feature would be if you can see all the tasks a comment was related to!

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Any updates here, @Jess_Beckett_Asana @Sean_Asana @Tara_Ciprick_Asana?

Looking for a way to multi-select tasks, and be able to comment to all selected tasks at once (without copy/pasting it into each one). asana-multi-task-comment

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I have a few hundreds of QA tasks in where I need to paste exactly the same comment to all. It would be great if we can multi-select with a limit of at least 50 tasks at a time. It’ll be better than nothing. When needing to convey the information to multiple selected tasks by the hundreds, it can feel quite bit overwhelming with the handful of manual work, not including that in testing planning, the time estimates and the time durations metrics fall out of balance with the amount of bandwidth being used of man power in place. The multi-select function is a function that many platforms have had for many years now. I hope that sometime soon, this can be part of your roadmap. Thank you

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