Attached Photos Dissapearing


Happened a few times after attaching a photo to a task with my phone app. The image is gone next time i look in to it. Any suggestions?


Hey @eoinmcmahon, thank you for your question and welcome to the Asana Forum! I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues here.

Can you please confirm that if you upload a photo to a Task through your phone, does it show both through your phone and the web app?


Doesnt Show up on computer. Dissapears as soon as I exit the task on phone.


Thank you for providing me with this extra information!

As you have mentioned that the photo never shows up on your computer and disappears when you click back into the Task on your phone I think that this might be an issue with sync between our phone and web version. In most cases deleting and then re-installing the app helps to resolve these kinds of issues, this would clear your cache and also get your app to our newest version.

Could you please try to delete and then re-install the Asana app on your phone to see if this resolves your issue? If it does not please do get back to me!


Solved it!
Have to click the little send arrow after attaching a photo now, didn’t used to have to do that.
Thanks for your help


HI @eoinmcmahon, I’ve experienced the same this last week. I went to a seminar and took tons of pictures of the presentations… but did not click on ht arrow, so I thought that I lost of of the pictures. Then I was able to find them back in a :file_folder: named “Asana” in my phone memory. :muscle:
Not sure the step of having the arrow pushed should be needed, but at least we can find back our picture and uploaded them!


I am happy to hear that you were able to resolve your issue @eoinmcmahon! I have marked your answer as the solution to your initial problem.

@Sebastien_Levesque thank you for adding some very helpful extra information to this thread as well :muscle: