Attach Email to Task as comment

+1 for Gmail Addon to include pushing emails as a Comment into an existing Task. My Asana team aren’t cc’d in my client emails but I often need to push information into an existing Asana task so they are kept up to date. At the moment I’m doing a painstakingly copy email, paste into Asana comment which is formatted terribly. I would be willing to pay extra for this feature. PLEASE ASANA ADD THIS FEATURE!!


+1 here as well. Email to flow into a task especially for outside consultants. To interleave their comments if we cannot get them on Asana.

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I’ve just discovered that the Gmail addon for Asana doesn’t provide this useful functionality that’s in the Outlook version whereby one can add an email as a task comment. Such a shame.

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This must be a patent issue or this would have been added by now, I hate this limitation…I’m on a Mac too so attached .msg files are a huge PIMA

cant believe this feature is still not available.
That is a total basic task to add /attach an email as a comment in an ongoing task.
Please asana fix this issue soon.

Any updates (adding gmail to comments OR as a subtask). Drag and drop or anything else? Am I missing something that the only way to use Asana in gmail is to begin a new task vs. dragging email into existing task (comment or subtask) to keep it updated?