Attach Email to Task as comment

+1 for Gmail Addon to include pushing emails as a Comment into an existing Task. My Asana team aren’t cc’d in my client emails but I often need to push information into an existing Asana task so they are kept up to date. At the moment I’m doing a painstakingly copy email, paste into Asana comment which is formatted terribly. I would be willing to pay extra for this feature. PLEASE ASANA ADD THIS FEATURE!!


+1 here as well. Email to flow into a task especially for outside consultants. To interleave their comments if we cannot get them on Asana.

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I’ve just discovered that the Gmail addon for Asana doesn’t provide this useful functionality that’s in the Outlook version whereby one can add an email as a task comment. Such a shame.

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This must be a patent issue or this would have been added by now, I hate this limitation…I’m on a Mac too so attached .msg files are a huge PIMA

cant believe this feature is still not available.
That is a total basic task to add /attach an email as a comment in an ongoing task.
Please asana fix this issue soon.

Any updates (adding gmail to comments OR as a subtask). Drag and drop or anything else? Am I missing something that the only way to use Asana in gmail is to begin a new task vs. dragging email into existing task (comment or subtask) to keep it updated?

I have been monitoring for updates on this feature for years. Still a need. Still no update. Frustrating. Any official word on where this is in the queue? Thanks!

@Marie do you guys know anything regarding the plans for this feature? We’ve just recently switched from MS365 to Google Workspace and the lack of email > comment is really a productivity killer. It’s nice to add a task from an email but much more often one needs to add feedback to an existing task. Thanks for your support.

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Hi @Florian_Keck, if you’re using Gmail, I would recommend using our Asana add-on for Gmail as it allows you to turn your emails into comments on existing task :slight_smile:

Hi, Marie. I have the Gmail add on and still cannot find that functionality to export an email into a task comment. I have also watched a large number of tutorials that seem to address only gmail —> task creation in Asana.

Can you please send or link some specific instructions?


Same. I don’t see that functionality, unless I am missing something?

Can you articulate better? I cannot find anything similar in the Gmail addon.

No… it doesn’t.

Hi all! Thanks for the feedback and apologies for any confusion! Let me clarify :slight_smile:

With the Gmail add-on, you do need to manually add text to the comment box and click Post comment in order for the comment to be posted in Asana. Copy and pasting the content of the email is the fastest way to do this :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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