At Mention Task Tooltip Path Expand on Hover

Forgive me if this has already been requested, I wasn’t able to find it.

I am looking for the tooltip that pops up when at-mentioning a Task (for reference, as a blocker, etc.) to expand the path when hovering on the path.

We have many projects and project templates which unfortunately results in a lot of Tasks named the same thing. We at-mentioning a Task, the existing tooltip is often times not long enough to determine if you are finding the Task in the correct Project.

If it was possible to hover (desktop UI) over the existing path that is shown in the tooltip to expand that path completely, that would very helpful. Currently we just guess, discover its the wrong project and keep trying until we get the right project.

IF this is somehow already available or there is another way to get around this, I would be happy to learn that. Thanks!

Yes! I struggle with this too.