At-mention autofills the wrong users

When we type @ and then start typing a teammate’s name, it autocompletes with the wrong person’s name.

For example, if I type @jodi, @carol will be what Asana suggests / autofills.

Because it’s worked so well in the past, we’re all used to typing shortcuts super quickly - I’ll type @k + enter because for years that would automatically mention my coworker Kim. But now if I type that it @mentions my worker Lori, which doesn’t make any sense, and is slowing us all down.

This is a new issue happening fairly consistently for our team in the last two weeks or so.

We’re all using Chrome and Asana Premium.

I saw two threads here with similar topics from 2018 and 2022. Both had an Asana response about it being a bug that got fixed, so I’m hopeful for a similar resolution here!

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