Assistance please :)


Hi All,

I require custom fields for tasks and sub tasks, which I’ve set-up. These appear fine when you view the tasks within the project, but when you go to ‘My tasks’ the custom field isn’t displayed. Can anyone assist in telling me how to display my custom field on the ‘My tasks’ page.

To give a specific example. I’ve created a ‘Dependency’ option for tasks (a quick visual to know who the individual is relying on to complete the task). I would like that to display on the main page of ‘My tasks’ so it spans multiple project.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Alas custom fields are not available for display in the My Tasks view. Please vote here for this enhancement request!


Unfortunately this is not possible. You cannot see the custom fields from the My Tasks task list, but you can still see them from a Task pane in My Tasks.

This is a common request. You can vote for it here.


Dammit Phil, you just had to be a second faster than me. :cry:


:grin: Sorry about that!