Assigning tasks

I would love to be able to assign tasks to people who are not connected in to Asana. For instance, assigning a lot of tasks to Frank, without emailing him or having him logged in. then I can look at all of my tasks that are assigned to Frank and print him out a list, or an excel file. I want to be able to have those lists for myself without “assigning” them physically.

There are 2 good ways that I know of to do this:

  • Use a custom field (essentially mimicking the “assigned to”)
  • Create a fake “Frank” user to assign them to him
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@Stella_Fay_Metzner, It’s nice to be able to use the Assignee field for this, and there’s a workaround if you want to mimic that (because it requires a login/account). See my prior posts here for details:



+1 on Larry suggestion. If you just have a couple of external people, create fake accounts for them :slight_smile: you can even have a profile picture =)