Assigning tasks to a tag doesn’t hold the project order of the tasks


This is specific to when viewing tasks from a common tag. When viewing a favorited tag you don’t seem to be able to sort the view of the tasks. By default the tasks are grouped by project. This issue pertains to those tasks that aren’t assigned a project so they are placed under the “No Project” expansion. This set of tasks appear to be in an order defined by when the common tag was applied (placing the recently modified tasks at the top). This isn’t a major issue because you can reorder the task manually. However, it is cumbersome when you have sets of tasks being applied to multiple tags and you expect to have some consistency in how the tasks are viewed from a favorited tag list. It would be nice to see the tasks that are associated with one another (in some fashion) are able to retain their defined order. Also, you have to manually re-order the tasks for each separate favorited tag list when you are using multiple. Any help with this would be much appreciated! We are looking to expand our use of tagging to help guide our 1-on-1 meetings with colleagues. Limiting the amount of re-configuration and providing more consistency in how information is being represented is what I’m trying to achieve with this unique use case.