Assigning Tasks that require Approval.

We have tasks that require a team involved. Generally, an assignee (or 2) and a reviewer (who finally approves). How can I set this up on Asana please?

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not sure which Asana plan you are on?
Business has an approval feature see Approvals • Asana
If you are on premium plan at the moment you can try to work with task templates, columns and custom fields + rules. (Note that you only have an advanced rule feature with the business plan). Alternatively you can also set up automation via Flowsana.

You might want to have a look here if you are looking to set up an approval flow (when more people have to approve the task): Approval Workflow


Thank you Andrea. I am currently looking at the free version but I will upgrade depending (premium/business) depending on my requirements.

Would it be possible to have senior management on premium/business and junior staff on the free version? Would this create any issues when using Asana?



Hey Paul,

regarding pricing structure have a look here: Paid Plans and Pricing Per User in Asana • Asana

You can’t have differing subscription levels on a per-user basis. What you can do is have the organization be on the free plan and then have Asana sales set you up with a Team or Division that’s on a Premium or Business subscription, then add your senior staff as members of that Team or Division so you’re only paying for them. The free members would not be able to access any projects you set up in the Premium/Business portion (although they can be assigned specific tasks or set as collaborators on specific tasks in those projects).

The basic difference between a Team and a Division is that a Division can house multiple Teams in that higher subscription.

You can also see here for some more info on what happens if you set up a paid Team/Division on top of a free organization:


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