Assigning Task to a Private Team/Project

Is it possible to send a task to a Project or a Team that is Private and I am not a member of? Case: Our CEO and President have a private team with just the two of them. Can I create a task and then send it to that private space with just the two of them?

Hey @Sieleen_Fabian you would have to be part of that project to add a task to it.
A workaround might be that you create another project which is used to just assign tasks. Then in this project you have your CEO and president added as well. You can create tasks in there and whenever tasks are assigned to your CEO for example a rule (that you set up) triggers and ads the task to their private project as well (Now since you do not have access to the other project to set up the rule initially your CEO or President has to do it).
The rule could also trigger when a specific option is selected in a custom field drop-down for example.

Another idea could be is if your CEO or President set up a form in their private project and whenever you have a task you can submit it via the form so it shows in their private project.

Hope that helps


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