Assigning Points to Tasks in order to track team member productivity and deliver bonuses


It would be amazing to have a feature where managers can assign points to tasks in order to have a rational basis for bonus distribution. For example, every task can be worth 1 point by default and then managers can edit the point value based on the difficulty of the task. Unassigned tasks that are worth a lot of points will be quickly tackled by the available team member and the points would be released when the manager who assigned the task approves that it is in fact complete.


@Lucas_Bessey, Had you considered using a numeric Custom Field for this purpose? I only mention it because I’d guess this would not be a high priority for Asana to build into the product itself.


Hello, I have not. The goal would be to be able to assign tasks on the go and then periodically look and see how team members are doing. Could numeric Custom Fields accomplish this?

Thanks for your time!


Well, maybe I’m not following exactly what you’re trying to do, but I think the basic features of Asana, and the custom field, can let you assign a value to a task and a manager can complete it when approved.

Also, there’s no permissions at this level (unless you make the project Comment Only) so others could modify the points or completion state, but you do have an audit trail in each task of who did what, and notifications of changes.


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I totally agree with @lpb and would recommend using Custom Fields. You can learn more about it in this handy article from our Guide: