Assigning People to Tasks on a Template

I have a template for a product life cycle and all the listed tasks will be completed by the same people every time we have a new product. I want to assign all the tasks in the template as a way to automate that process and thus have it available whenever someone uses the template. My problem is that assigning a task on a template is still considered an “active” task… Anyway around this?

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Like all of us, you will have to develop a workaround that works for you.

E.g. leave template tasks unassigned, and include a custom field “Assignee To Be”, which you can then populate with appropriate user names (after you add them as a list of options for that custom field). Then when you create a project based on that template, you can sort by the custom field and bulk select each value of custom field, then do a bulk edit to change all those tasks, clearing the “Assignee To Be” custom field, and assigning the tasks to the correct person. (If you’re a tidiness fiend, you may want to delete that custom field from the new project as it is no longer useful).

Is the above rather a PITA? Yes, it is…


This is very helpful! Yes, it’s a PITA but better than my original solution which was to just add the name on the task line to be deleted later.

By the way, on the same template above… can I add “collaborators” to a task or is that a bad idea? Same group of people would be following the same tasks…

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This would be a work around but maybe viable. You could mark all the template tasks as complete and set the default view to all tasks.

That way you can assign all the tasks out.

And when you are ready to to duplicate and go live just uncomplete all m


Great idea! Would the same idea work for adding tasks collaborators? If I add collaborators to a completed tasks, do you know if notices will go out?

You should test it. I bet the initial notice during template creation would go out, but would be silent until duplication.

I would also know if it’s possible to assign more than one person to a task. Or could it be possible? My team works in a lot of things collaboratively and often there are at least two of us working together on tasks. Advice?

Unfortunately, you can only assign one person per task. If you really want to have two people, the work around would be similar to what Stephanie above mentioned. You can create a “who” field in which you create a drop down menu listing your staff’s names. Then, you can have the person under “who” follow the task in order to be in the loop.