assigning email aliases to multiple accounts from admin account

The company I work for has grown from a small organization to a markedly larger small organization fairly quickly and to improve communication across locations and departments, we started using Slack. We had already been using Asana. I’ve integrated Asana into Slack and it functions how I’d like it to; however, between adopting Asana and adopting Slack, the company went through a slight re-branding and everyone began using email aliases. Without thinking this through, everyone was sent Slack invites to their aliases, but their previous Asana accounts are associated with their primary email address. So when you go to create an Asana task from a Slack comment, it can’t automatically find the assignee since they don’t match up between Slack and Asana. Now, I know how to add additional email addresses to Asana profiles and I and a few people in the company have done this - again, integration between Slack and Asana works as its supposed to for us. The problem is there are several more people who are less tech savvy and rather than send out instructions to everyone and hope they do it/hope they do it right, I was wondering if I could just add the email aliases to other peoples accounts from the Admin console?

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Hi @Jason_Miller1, welcome to the Forum! Unfortunately, you are not able to update users’ email addresses on their behalf via your Admin Console. Apologies for the inconvenience.

However, our Support team will be able to help you with that and bulk update the email domain as long as the aliases are still the same, and the only part of their email addresses that is changing is the suffix.

Example: emails that were are now If this is the case, please reach out to our Support team here and provide them with the new domain that will be added to everyone’s account. Also, please kindly include the URL link to this thread in your message, so they will know what you need and you won’t have to repeat everything :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!