Assigning due date whilst in Outlook

I have seen various threads about this but wanting to bring it to the top.

When sending a email from outlook to a recipient and cc to Asana which is creating the recipient as assignee, how do you embed the due date into the email to alleviate having to subsequently go into Asana to set a due date.

Hi @Glenn_Vardy , welcome to the forum :wave:

You will need to install the Outlook integration in order to be able to assign due dates (amonsgt other things such as remove attachments or add to a specific project).

Thankyou Richard.
Great tip.
I have downloaded.
On the same topic I sometimes use Outlook to create a task so I can schedule send.
I have seen some variations of #duedate03/08/2024 which is supposed to fill the due date field when creating the task in Asana…
Are you aware of this functionality, I can’t seem to make it work.

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@Glenn_Vardy, the third-party product (@Phil_Seeman) offers that functionality and more with its Hash Tag Automation feature.




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