Assigning an ongoing task to more than one person


I am new to my office and I would like to use Asana to create a task for four individual advisors to let me sit in on any advising meetings they have coming up. The task is more of a periodic reminder for the next month, rather than a “completable” task. Is this an appropriate task for Asana and, if it is, do I need to assign the same task individually to four people or can I have one task with four assignees?



Hi @Cris_Murray - welcome to the community!

This seems like a totally reasonable thing to put in Asana - at my org we use similar reminder tasks to jot down notes during/in preparation for meetings.

Asana doesn’t allow you to assign a task to more than one person, so you’ll need to create four recurring tasks. You can use the duplicate task function to speed it up.



Hey Cris, you’d need indeed to create one task per person, always. When I have to deal with what you describe, I’d create a task called “Advising meeting - invite Cris” , assign it to the people and select Repeat monthly in the date field. That way they can tick it off every month when they have invited you and it will pop up again in their My task the following month. (pretty powerful if they use their MyTask properly with the automatic Today and Upcoming feature).

Hope it answers your question.



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@Lauren_Wheat and @Gilles thank you both for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:

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You are welcome @Marie. I hope it answers your question, @Cris_Murray? :slight_smile:

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