Assigning a task to a member outside of workspace


Hello, I am part of one workspace (e.g. Marketing) and would like to assign a task in the project in my organization to a member who is part of another workspace (e.g. product development) - is that possible?


Yes, just invite him to the project you have a task in. It will show up in his dropdown as your workspace. May I ask why you are using Workspaces instead of an Organiztion with Teams as departments?


Thanks, James. I will invite a member to the project. My email domain is .edu, according to Asana, edu email addresses cannot be organizations, only workspaces.


I know from past that .edu extensions can be sensitive as in many areas people can see everybody that is in an organization and sometimes educational institutions certainly would not want that. They may not see the task but when they go to make an assignment or add a follower sometimes complete list are displayed.