Assignee task completion only?

I noticed today that one of my team member’s task was marked complete by a different team member. They accidentally did it. Is there a way to make sure that if a task is assigned to a specific team member that only they can mark of their own task?

I don’t think so. Asana assumes a high trust universe, where additionally nobody’s fingers ever slip and there are no misunderstandings…no matter how vague a task title. In fact, you may find that your team members aren’t limited just to completing others’ tasks - they can even delete them. And you may never know (unless you rely on info outside the Asana record).


@Chris_Biehl: The Asana concept as from my understanding is to open collaboration to anyone and to document changes in a transparent manner rather to limit user rights. So you will be able to see most of the changes in your inbox for any task you follow. Having said that there are gaps, as for deleting tasks as @Stephanie_Oberg pointed out.

Asana does provide individual user access rights per project. You can grant users read only access so they are able to see tasks, comment on them but not edit or complete them. If this is important for you and your team, you could optimize your project structure to support user rights the way it works best for you.

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Ah I see. That could be problematic for me. So far I’m the only staff leader and everyone else is a volunteer so I would like to be able to control tasks. @Patrick_Lorenz how would I change the user access?

@Chris_Biehl: There is a tutorial in the Asana guide that might be helpful to you:

Let me know if this approach works for your scenario :slight_smile:



Ah ok thanks. Looks like that function is only for Premium members so that’s why I can’t see those options. Thanks for the info!

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