Assignee > Assign Copies (but Not Me)

When you create a team, you must be a member of that team.
Sometimes you want to assign a task to members of the team (Assign Copies).
The task is not for yourself to do, but members of the team.
So you do not want to have a copy of the task created and assigned to you.

Please create a way to exclude the Assignor from the Assign Copies. A Not Me button or checkbox.

Hi @Sean_Wheller and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

When assigning copies following these steps, the copies should not be assigned to you, but to the assignee you chose. With that said, you will automatically be added as a collaborator. If this is an issue, simply type in the task name in the Advanced Search to gather all copies, multi-select these tasks and remove yourself from the list of collaborators.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any follow-up questions!

Hi @Marie.

The issue is when you are a member of the team you are assigning copies to.

For example.

I am a member of the software development team. I want each person to merge changes to thier working branch from the main develop branch because some new features were merged to the main develop branch and these changes could effect thier development decisions.

I am the one who managed the merge to main and I dont work on anything else but checking code and ensuring it can be merged safely. Therefore I have no need for a task to merge main develop to any working branch.

If I do the steps you mention as copy of the task will be created for every team member and myself because i am in the team. It will also assign copies of the task to anyone else that has specific access to a project in the team.

In effect making more work for me to clean the mess. Which is just poor usability.

Yes i can go around cleaning up after, but why can I not just elect to exclude myself and any none core team members from being assigned the copy.

I have no task to perform in regard to merging main develop to a branch. Software Testers neither. Why should Asana assume to create all those extra copies and that I will be happy to clean up.

Look, it’s only feedback. I suggest you do the same thing for yourself say 100 times and see how you feel :slight_smile: