Assign tasks to myself by default

Hi there!
I see I can asign tasks to myself if I do it from “My tasks” or from the quick button, but then I have to choose the project and fill in the other information, so it’s quite consuming.
I know it exists the possibility of the Rules, but that’s only for paid users, so I haven’t been able to try it.
I’d like to know how you do, guys? There’re one-person projects and it’s a pity that in those projects I cannot have the tasks asigned to myself by default or to the collaborator I choose.
Any ideas? I think that after the redesign of “My tasks” presented today (which I love), this feature would also be a life-changer :slight_smile:

Hello @Sonia2,

yeah one option would be using Tab+M to quickly assign to yourself or rules as you mentioned.

Rebecca also mentioned options in a post here: Default assignee - #199

I definitely recommend upvoting Default assignee - #198 by Alexandra_Ortiz

You can also achieve this with Flowsana

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi @Sonia2

I can see a use for that. You can select multiple tasks to make this process quicker.

Command / to see keyboard shortcuts


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