Assign project and task to clients

I’m new at Asana and still exam it.
I’m using the free plan for now.

We are B2B company that developing software. we have around 40 clients.
Is it possible to assign projects or/and tasks to specific client?
If yes - how, and can i see projects and tasks by clients?

Also - Each project/task assign to one or more programmer. how can i see projects/tasks by programmer?

Thank you in advanced

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Hello @Roi_F and welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Yes you can easily achieve this by setting up teams and projects.

If you have similar tasks in each project you might wanna consider setting up a template project and template task.

And you can restrict projects, grant view access only and much more.

Asana has a lot of great information and guides online, I recommend looking through those first :slight_smile:

In terms of how much access you want to give clients I have written a post about this topics recently in case you are interested: 🚦 Dealing with external clients - How much access should they have?

Hope that helps

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Hello Andrea,
Nice to meet you.

I don’t need my client to login and see the projects. I just want to be able to filter projects and tasks by clients.
Can it be done?

Same about my programmers - how can i see projects dividing by programmers?
Programmer and his tasks.

You can either multihome tasks in various projects or you can also add a custom field with a drop down for example so every task has the client name selected then you can easily filter.

I would create a project for each programmer and multi-home the tasks :slight_smile:

More info here Connecting your work | Product guide • Asana

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Can i do all you wrote with the free plan i’m using?

Multi-homing tasks is possible yes
Custom fields would require premium

Multi homing is a different workspaces?

How can i view tasks or projects by programers

Multi-homing means that you add a task to more projects
So you could have a project for each programmer and then one project for you with sections per programmer to organize things.

Then you can see all the tasks in your project to have an overview and for quick access.

Alternatively if you prefer then you can just check the project that you set up for each programmer directly as well

Here are some great courses to go through to learn the basics

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