Assign new task to a parent task



Asana is great, and I love using it!

One improvement I would love to see though, is the ability to assign a parent task when creating a new task, in a similar way to how projects can be assigned. This would be particularly useful when creating tasks from within the ‘My tasks’ pane.

I use projects mostly in board view, and make use of the main (project) tasks almost as mini-projects/areas. These are assigned to the relevant column within the project (usually without an owner). The actionable tasks are then assigned as sub-tasks (which don’t get assigned to the project as I don’t want them to show in the project columns).

For example:
Project: Website build
Columns: Not started/In progress/On hold/Done
Task: Hosting
Subtasks: Research hosting providers/Select hosting providers

Sometimes I might want to create a sub-task later on (e.g. Present hosting provider research to project group). To do this, I need to create the task as a ‘regular’ task, find the task (in this example, Hosting), assign it to me, then use list view to drag the new sub-task into the parent task, and then un/re-assign the parent task from me.

Therefore, it would be great if a parent task could be searched for/assigned during the task creation process - I often use the ‘Quick add’ task button on the main menu to do this, so having the option to assign it to a parent task instead of project would be amazing!