Assign multiple assignees on one task

This sounds like logical behaviour to me. It’s how our Jira issues have always worked - the current Assignee is the person everyone is waiting on so that the problem can move forward.

I use Asana for scheduling and dispatch, but the limitations of the mobile app are such that I can't use the calendar section because it becomes too complicated for individual crew members to follow their schedule on their phone. We dispatch in various combinations of team members, and it would be great if we could create a task, assign it to all team members and then every member on that task would see it pop up in 'assigned tasks' on the mobile app. As it stands, we would have to duplicate the task for each member, but then the discussion thread wouldn't be unified.
We love so much about Asana and we've been using it for 3 years, but this is the only reason we haven't committed to the platform and upgraded to premium, as we're waiting for them to allow for multiple assignees on a task. 
Also, reading through the responses I'm disappointed in the attitude of Asana and the reasoning behind not allowing multiple assignees. This sounds like a lack of imagination in understanding their own product, and a firm line in the sand that is alienating some of their users, for a reason that's vague at best.
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Please allow us to have the option to add multiple assignees or AT LEAST for “watchers/collaborators” to be able to see the tasks they are collaborators/watchers of under “my tasks” or split the “my tasks” view to show tasks that are assigned to you - and watched by you (and be able to sort them together by due date) to see clearly if there are any overlaps with tasks on days etc.

So perhaps one list of the tasks with a small eye icon beside tasks you’re watching but aren’t your responsibility…as per Asana philosophy :wink:

I use Asana for business and personal planning and having the ability for others to at least be able to SEE the tasks in their my tasks area is vital if the tasks aren’t specifically assigned to them.


It would be really helpful to not have to go into 12 different tasks and reschedule them every time a meeting gets rescheduled. If I need 12 people at a meeting, I would like to be able to assign the same Asana task to all of them and have any changes to that task reflected for everyone. It’s a frustrating limitation.


In case you weren’t aware of it, I like to put just a single copy of the meeting/info details in the parent task and only the minimal assignee and title in the duplicates which I do in subtasks. I’ve explained it here:

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I see this is already a highly-requested feature, so I hope I’m not repeating suggestions already made. But this would be a way to keep the focus on tasks having a directly responsible individual while also allowing teams to work more collaboratively on individual tasks:

Has Asana considered making multiple assignees work like dependencies? Assign one “lead” assignee to receive updates, and all other individuals assigned to the task could each click when they’ve completed it, but the task won’t actually be marked as done until all people and/or the assigned “lead” have clicked “complete”.


“Sometimes one person just isn’t enough. We leave the decision up to you. Turn on Multiple Assignees if more than one person works on your tasks.”

What do you say Asana? Do you want us to stay with you or not?


We love Asana. It’s changed the way we work and supercharged the efficiency of our team.
One thing we would love is if a task could have multiple people assigned to it - when the first person with capacity gets to it and ticks it off, then the others know it doesn’t need to be done for the day. Rotating through people assigned would also work for us.

@Emma_Cook :wave: Welcome to the community!
If I look at the philosophy of Asana, this will not be developed. One task needs one person’s responsibility.
What I do suggest is using the collaborators of the task to add multiple people to the task, Then the person that takes the responsibility assigns it to themselves. This also creates more clarity about who is doing the work.

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I really like Asana but this feature is a MUST for a lot if not all small businesses where you need to be flexible. The problem for me is I have a team of people I need to schedule different projects and show this on the calendar of the team so there aren’t any overlaps as they all need to be in different locations or sometimes the same location. Without this feature Asana basically becomes pretty much useless at this point for us which is a real shame as the rest of it is great.

Here is an example of what our team might do on a typical day:

2x people needed to install 10 meeting rooms with Audio Visual equipment for one week:
Create a task and assign both of them to the task of installing the meeting rooms which are listed as sub-tasks within the main task of installing 10 meeting rooms in one week.

Creating a subtask of this is beyond backwards in my eyes…

I’m a software developer myself and one other person in my team and for Asana to say this isn’t needed after people have been asking for this feature for nearly 5 years is beyond ridiculous! I don’t think many people/ organisations really care about Asana’s philosophy when they just want a feature that can be enabled or disabled to have multiple assignees.


Unlike many here, I actually agree with the philosophy behind this - however, it’s implemented/worded poorly from a project management perspective.

If you consider something like the RACI matrix, which expands to Responsible (people who complete the work), Accountable (single person responsible for ensuring completion of the work), Consultation (people who don’t complete the work, but can be referenced for knowledge), Informed (people who are not involved in the work, but need to know the status of it) then the “assignee” field is effectively the “accountable” field. Adding people to the task as collaborators effectively tags them all as the rest of the RCI roles in the RACI matrix - without the ability to specify which they should be.

My suggestion would be to just change the wording so that “assignee” becomes “accountable”, then add functionality to force certain notification settings for other “collaborators” to emulate the other statuses in a RACI matrix. This way it doesn’t change the philosophy, and aligns more with individual expectations of a tool like this.


For the past 5 months I have really loved using Asana, in both in my business and personal life.

However not having the feature to add multiple assignees to one task is incredibly frustrating! Furthermore, it’s really disappointing to see after 5 years Asana is still too stubborn to add this feature.

The sad part about this whole situation is that I would have happily used Asana for the rest of my life, however I am now going to begin looking around for alternate options as it would appear they are unwilling to change their philosophy.


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I really don’t get why Asana doesn’t simply add a workaround feature to “highlight” duplicated tasks with a symlink so that they are managed within the project as such - for example, discussion threads/subtasks/ are shared/synced.

Yes, I fully agree. Adding multiple assignees seems ridiculously obvious. What gives Asana?!

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it may have been suggested but i didnt see it myself.

i setup a temporary solution to this, atleast for my team. If i create a field that includes each of the team members, then i’m allowed to select additional people who are involved on the task like any other custom field. there is only the one assignee (which would be like the project manager) although i can still get to track and see who else is involved by this simple work around.

This is a very important feature. Asana should add this feature.

Asana! Please roll this feature out and give us the option to assign multiple assignees to one task! Those who don’t want to can just assign one assignee. As someone mentioned above, it doesn’t make sense to go into 6 different tasks to change the dates when one meeting changes. It’s definitely a frustrating limitation!

Not having this functionality is crippling. Please please please add this functionality.

We would also benefit from this functionality! Please share any updates on whether this is a priority for Asana and when we might expect a change.

I don’t think this function will ever be added as it’s contrary to Asana’s theory of work. At Asana they believe that making more than one person the Assignee creates a bystander effect - the various assignees all believe that someone else could complete the task, leaving nobody to drive the work forward.

What I would suggest is assigning the task to the team lead or the person responsible for completing the deliverable and adding all of the other team members as collaborators. Alternatively, if it is a task which is “owned” by various people at various stages, use a Boards view Project and create Rules to reassign the task based on which section (stage of work) it’s in.