Assign multiple assignees on one task

I would like to see this function two. We do video production and it would be so handy to be able to set a filming date in Asana and sync that task to our calendar for both to see. And btw. I would like to have all projects linked to google calendar as a standard so I dont need to link each project manually. How do I do that?

There is no exception or excuse why this feature is not available,
This is a fundamental requirement.
Asana, please incorporate this into your system.
The community will highly appreciate it.
Thank you.

Will Asana be rolling out a feature to assign multiple people to the same task? Ideally where it is only completed once everyone assigned marks the task approved. Right now the multi-assign splits the task into separate tasks and I would like to keep all stakeholders on the same thread.

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Thanks for your feedback, this is a popular request in the forum, I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Assign multiple assignees on one task .

As a workaround, we currently offer the feature to assign copies of a task, please find more information in this article.

I hope this helps!

Is it realistic to believe the “Workaround” is Asana’s response that Asana will not be implementing this feature?

I don’t think so. Can’t tell one way or the other.

Asana is an environment rich in workarounds.

Will Asana ever be adding the ability to have more than one Assignee added to a project/task/subtask? This has been something we have struggled with in Asana, as we have multiple projects where more than one person is assigned. If you duplicate tasks the comments and updates do not carry over and therefore it’s complicated to follow the progress. PLEASE consider adding this feature!

If there can be more than one assignee to a task it would GREATLY help to consolidate everything in one place, eliminate the need for duplication, confusion, and make things a LOT more efficient by saving time. Adding collaborators does not solve for the fact that in our SPrint board the task can only be shown under one assignee and again the duplication complicates the process for everyone.

There is already a long thread on this. It has been requested for years. You may want to search for that and add your comment there.

Welcome to the Community Forum @Savika_Tilakhdin and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

As @Stephanie_Oberg mentioned, we have an existing thread about this topic and this is a very popular request in the forum. I’ve gone ahead and merge your post with Assign multiple assignees on one task to avoid duplicates. I hope you don’t mind!

Here’s why having only one assignee with a combination of sub tasks becomes a problem.

When in kanban or board view and you filter for “Just my tasks” it automatically drops off every card that you have a subtask on. You can be a major contributor on a project that is assigned to someone else and it is not viewable/obvious in board view.

I’d like to just add my voice to this. More than three years down the line, it would be great to get a reasonably clear answer on this one from Asana. Either it’s likely to happen or it’s a no. We’re in software so understand that architecturally Asana could have painted themselves into a corner with this one, although I’d hope not. I think the “philosophical” reason isn’t really a strong enough reason to withhold this functionality when a free solution (although inferior in many other ways) like Trello offers (afaik I always has) multiple assignees on a task.


It’s very simple. Some tasks are simple and I don’t care who handles it. Finding out some pricing info for an app that a client want’s help implementing can be done by anyone on the Sales team. Completing a simple 5 minute support request can be done by anyone on the Support team.

When assigned to a team, a team member who has free time can see it and assign it to themselves, or a manager of that team can choose who to assign it to. That team manager is responsible for seeing everything outstanding that is assigned to the team, and funneling it down. I am then responsible for making sure the support team manager isn’t leaving things sitting, unassigned, or incomplete.

In many cases having a specific user responsible makes sense, but there are tonnes of places where it’s a small task that anyone can quickly handle when they have a free moment.

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You explain that very well. I am becoming a late convert to the “Multiple assignees as an option” idea, because I’m seeing places it would work well for my team. (Which is unfortunate because I’m not feeling like we will ever see it at Asana.)

Just one question: For you, is the only use case that a multiple assignee task needs to be done by just one person (and it doesn’t matter who)? Or would you also want a use case where the task needs to be done by every person?

Thanks Stephanie. I can see applications for creating a task that every person needs to complete individually, but in my opinion, across my client base of many businesses using CRM or Project Management tools this is a much less likely scenario.

My main concern tends to be client-facing work. My company as well as our clients mostly care that a project management tool helps in providing support and services for their clients. In my 10+ years of consulting on CRM and project management tools I cannot recall a single case of a client asking “how can I get my entire team to do the same task”. However, I also don’t think I’ve run into a single business where there isn’t at least one case in their normal daily workflow where some small task could be done by anyone on a particular team.

@Matthew_Long1 and @Stephanie_Oberg,

I use this approach:

There’s also reply #246 of 354 in this thread in case you missed it that provides a variation:

Maybe one of those could help until/if there’s a more direct solution,


I appreciate that. I can see how in some cases this could be a workable substitute, but I don’t like the added steps and how it necessitates creation of a separate “container” project for each involved team. Thanks for the workaround though!

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Maybe your case is different, but usually the shared task is already in a project where the potential assignees are members, so the only change is for those who might pick up tasks to monitor their Asana notifications for potential tasks.

Assigning multiple people to one task is a terrible idea. One person, one task, works great. How do I know this? I’ve been forced to abandon Asana by my company, and use a different tool that allows you to assign multiple people to one task.

The outcome?

It’s totally unclear who’s responsibility it is to update or complete the task, and more often than not it simply gets left open. We have to do this because the “competitors” tool doesn’t allow you to add people as “followers”. This is a great feature, and means multiple people can work on a single task, but one person has overall ownership of it.

TLDR: Please Asana, don’t change your UI to allow multiple people to own tasks, it fosters confusion, decreases accountability and leads to an overall worse experience when it comes to managing work.

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We don’t see the need to assign a task to multiple people, but it’d be awesome to easily add a team as a follower/collaborator to get task updates and not have to add everyone one by one (and likely miss someone).

Hi Kaitie,

reading the feedback of Asana Users shows that there is a great demand for this option. I understand your way of thinking (being one person responsible). However should this not be an option that can be switched on/off by the Admin?

I would really appreciate if you could think about this. The biggest problem is that there are several “common recurring tasks” that can/should be done by all employees. But this task now only shows up in the “My Tasks List” for the one responsible and therefore being less/not visible for the followers.

Thank you in advance for considering adding the option to let the Asana Admin decide if it should be possible to add more than one repsonsible person to a task.



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