Assign multiple assignees on one task

Add me to the ever-growing list of users who would appreciate having the ability to assign multiple users to a task.

Seems like another simple thing that should have been implemented right away, but somehow keeps getting ignored because of “our philosophy” or “difficult to implement because of (insert short-sighted decision)”.

For Creative Teams I think there is a real use case for multiple people to be on the same task. Our last PM system was awesome as you could assign multiple people and give each person a different amount of time for the task. You could also say if everyone works independently on the task or in order.

We love Asana and are using the multiple copies of a task. For us the issue with this approach is that it makes the projects have SO many more tasks and it makes commenting really hard cause everyone is commenting on their task so the conversation isn’t threading…is there a workaround someone has for this?


The correct way to do this is to allow assignment to a group, but the “task” actually is pending acceptance by a single person, and the “manager” of that group has a “task” that is pending assignment, thus if it doesn’t get picked up by one person, they have a task listed as past due as well. This is how every support ticketing system works: a task comes in to the group, it is unassigned and waiting for assignment, and if nobody takes it and assigns it to themselves, the manager talks to the team and assigns it. This would be an automatic two-step task, with the parent task, a sub-task for “assign this to someone” that is assigned to multiple people and which resolves to complete once someone assigns the parent task to them self, and a sub-task for the actual task. This isn’t really feasible without a lot of extra work in Asana for every time this kind of group task comes in; this really should just be a button in Asana for “assign to group”, which means “assigned to everyone until someone takes it”. The missing feature is there’s no way to mark a copied task as complete for everyone once one person marks it as complete.

Wow, this is a long thread!

@Human-ISM_Sysadmins, Perhaps this approach, which I’ve used, may be of some help in your example of assignment of a task to one of a set of people:

Re task sharing, I resolve that by making each person working on the task assigned to a subtask, but only using the parent task for the comment thread, etc. The subtask 's appearance in your My Tasks gives one-click access to the parent task always.

I know these both are not solutions requested, but they’re potential workarounds for anyone who might be in search of something now just with available features.

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I think everyone is upset because Asana hasn’t developed this feature yet, after all this time. From 2017 till now, I just migrate everything from Asana to Quire and I honestly don’t think I will come back to Asana since it’s just waste of time for me to stick to a platform that cannot fulfill the simple basic need of a project management software.

Was looking at joining the Asana bandwagon but after seeing these kinds of simple features are not implemented and seeing how much bad feedback and how they still have not added it yet. Our organisation will be looking elsewhere.

It is not a point about asana politics. If one assigners or many. Its about my needs. I got your point, and so what? Im the user, here’s me needs. If jive would not cut out productive I wold never stuck with asana politics about one assigner per task. Its really big problem for people that working in small groups, for me as always do. If many assigners would be possible then just my politics would decide if I assign only one or maybe few. Maybe some popup could tell that to be careful about such actions, but not by forcing. thank you QuinnFan for pointing Quire. Maybe it will be a solution.

Uf Quire is too simple. Tasks doesnt have any description and so one. For me productive and dotProject set direction of task managers. First is out, second is died in 2005. But they covered my needs in 100% if jive would decide to continue his service as paid i would go with it. But this is not a topic about the others. Asana was selected from current on the top task managers as a not too complex, user friendly and so one so one. Its a really problem i I cant assign any one with me to a task. The time i got this information about assigners (probably for many) is the time to start looking for alternatives and finally move to another platform.

If Asana added this feature…You could still do it the way that works for you. If they don’t add this feature we can’t do it the way that works for us.


I have tried to overcome problems in our team where teammates don’t recognize their responsibilities of task because they dont see their headavatars on the task. I made new profile to make “dash” which is for maintaining Asana style “One man rule this task!” but it’s like … he is responsible even if he is wainting on someone. It would be good if I can higlight people who I am wainting to validate my task or send me missing inputs for completing …

here is my illustartion example

If multiple people could be assigned I will make it like in the picture … if Assana devs create option to add minimalistic icons between main assign and secondaries it would be even better and more appealing at the same time. Thanks

Just want to throw my hat in the ring as well. This feature is definitely a nice to have. Our team works as a team and there are cases where having multiple assignees would prevent something from getting lost in the list of things in inbox.

I don’t understand how there is so much conversation surrounding this, in yet it hasn’t been adjusted. Give the people what they want :slight_smile:

I want this feature too. seems like an obvious addition!

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It would be great to be able to assign tasks (and subtasks) to a group of colleagues. As an example, I may ask four of my colleagues to provide input on a project, but would want them all to be accountable and have visibility into each others thoughts.

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There’s an existing thread for that feature request; vote for it here:

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread @Phil_Seeman has mentioned. I would too suggest to add your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button at the very top of the thread.

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Although am new to Asana. I understand that you can @mention the extra individuals you want to assign to a task. So that they can also contribute to the task with one assignee taking the lead of the task.


Sometimes initial concepts are accomplished by three people on my team. Would love to be able to assign one task to three team members… instead of having to create multiple tasks for the same project.

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I WOULD LOVE to see this too. it is all well and good to think that you are going to assign a project lead to a task and subtask the crap outta it. But for us, it feels really micromanage-ey. (and honestly like someone in ASANA really believes their way is the right way so they don’t want to change or opt for it, seriously, what does it matter to you if you offer this???)

We build Police vehicles, and we have teams of 2-6 working on a given set of cars. each team member has a tablet and currently they are individually assigned tasks to complete on the car. This takes a while for our supervisor to do (with 15 different techs and over 100 subtasks per car) and has become unrealistic. Some tasks just cannot be completed before another task is done, so employees stand around waiting for someone else because they are not “ASSIGNED” to do anything they can do until the other employee is done. … GRRR… also, on the tablet it is hard to understand what you are working on when you have only subtasks assigned. you have to go into the task, then look for projects, or back out of the task to see the vehicle you are supposed to be working on. if you are assigned a 100 subtasks across multiple vehicles, this can be very daunting, and increases mistakes… Mind you, we build 400 vehicles a year and it takes anywhere from 2-5 days per, so it goes quick.

SO, what we end up doing is manually telling them go do something else, totally disregarding asana because it actually caused the problem, not a solution.

By assigning multiple people to the same task, at least then an employee can see what was left to be done on a vehicle, and that employee can assign themselves to it. then their task list goes from 100+ subtasks to maybe 4 Tasks (which would be the vehicle they should be working on) and they can pick which one they want/can work on at the time they need to find things to do.

for instance, I would love to have the assigned task say:
and the subtasks be the entirety of the build on what it is getting.

Then be able to assign 2-6 people to that task so they all see the task list and what has been completed in real time. When they check something off, it shows on ALL tablets. Duplicating the task simply doesn’t do this… and tagging and following REALLY does not work well in our business when everyone is on tablets. SO much of that gets lost in the inbox, especially since there is no ARCHIVE ALL feature on the tablet…

In a Perfect world, I want the above, OR even better, I want to assign a pre-defined team to the main task, which would push to that predefined teams tablets (as a task), and then when an individual checks off they completed the subtask, it would auto show the individual who checked it off and date stamp it (across all team 1 tablets).

for instance team 1 would be made up of employee 1, 4, 8, and 24. (defined somewhere in asana). I would assign Team 1 (as the main assignee) to “Police vehicle #1245, bay 4” and employee 1,4,8,24 would get dinged that they have new tasks. they open the task, decide whos doing what within their group, and then checks off the subtask when they are done. (time and employee stamping it)

We have tried using the team boards for this, and it was not what we needed, mainly because it needs to show up on the tablet easily, not have to be hunted for on a board.

Currently my solution is going to be to create user names of TEAM 1, TEAM 2, TEAM 3, and have the guys sign in as that user when they are told to go work on a specific team. that way the assigned task will be synced across all TEAM 1 tablets and will work better for us. It should do exactly what I need with the biggest issue of not having the ability to see who completed what individually, which I will resolve by having them put there initials on the subtask. Also, I know I will not be able to tag a specific person, BUT for us, it will still work much better in the service side of our shop.

My recommendation though, is PLEASE GET OFF YOUR THEORY about task assignments being only for a single individual. I get WHY that is the normal way, but it obviously does not work for many people. Open this up so more of us can be happy about how we would like to use this app. We use the crap outta it and for the most part LOVE it, BUT it was obviously made for projects that have far less subtasks, or for individuals sitting at the computer. We are mobile heavy, and have LOTS of subtasks within a project, and just need to be able to easily let multiple people see then more efficiently.


PLEASE add this! Done right, this could be a great addition. How it could work is simply have a task and when you assign multiple people, there is a progress bar that says something like “5/7 have completed this task”. So if there is a team, everyone’s individual account will see the task as not complete and see who has / hasn’t completed the task, but also has the ability to complete the task themselves. So if there is a task that multiple people have to do, instead of having 2, 5, 10 duplicates of the task (depending how many individuals have to complete the same task), it could just be summarized as 1 task but multiple people dependencies to complete.