Assign multiple assignees on one task



For Project management a RACI feature would be extremely helpful:


Please Please PLEASE for the love of all things productive and useful, allow US to assign single tasks to multiple people… PLEASE!

This is an absolute deal breaker for our company.

If I have one task that can be potentially completed by multiple different workers, its up to ME to delegate that task to them and follow up with them if it doesn’t get done.

It is NOT up to Asana to force me to use the task manager the way THEY think is best.

The concept of only ONE person “owning” a task with no possible way to include other workers on the SAME task is essentially creating more work having to manage “who” is in charge of “what” task. In practical real world use It becomes far to difficult to keep in mind “who did what.”

That rigidity is asinine.

Allow US, the business owners to decide who is assigned to the same tasks.


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Hi Alexis,

Do you have any idea if this topic will be added as a new feature anytime soon? While I understand the use of having just one assignee, this creates extra manual work for employees by having to use subtasks and duplicate the same task. This makes task layouts messy, and just outright confusing for all members within the project.

Please let me know! You would make my entire team ecstatic~


Passionate discussion here! FWIW I like the one and only one task owner limitation. In our use if a task can be done by multiple people it sits without an owner until someone is ready to pick it up, If the task is critical it can get a due date and then use search “for things due within X without an assignee”.

I would probably down vote it I could (where is that feature!!!)

If there were a way to associate a task with a team I could see some use for that and assume it could be done via custom fields. Right now if things are far in the future and we are not sure what resource will be assigned we usually assign to the Mgr./Team Leader.

And pardon the soapbox moment… but great software is more about saying no to features than saying yes. e.g Jared Spool “Experience Rot”

Here’s a counter-intuitive fact: Chances are all those features you’ve been adding to your design are hurting your user experience. Every feature that’s squeezed in, in the name of giving your design a competitive edge, has been making your design less competitive."


Hi @Montana_Fine! This posts describes how our team considers product feedback in the Community:


Sometimes tasks have to be worked in conjunction with other team members and they are both equally responsible for seeing the task through.
Other reasons are the main responsible person may be on vacation and an extra person is needed to take responsibility. not just be a followers thinking someone else will complete the task.


I would really like to be able to assign multiple people to one task. We are trying to use Asana as our central organisation point, but we are having trouble with one set of tasks in particular; I am open to suggestions but I can’t think of a good way to handle it other than multiple people to one task.

We have to renew certificates or contracts or agreements at different regular intervals, anywhere from every 3 months for some to 2 years for others. We don’t know which team members will be here in 2 years. If we could assign multiple people to tasks then it would just be a matter of adding new people to the tasks when they come on. As is, we have had to create a group shared email account for these.

I agree with the sentiment of let managers decide how to manage.


I cannot believe this feature still has not been added. Here’s an example:

We have a project called “Birthdays & Holidays.” They are all assigned to me, which is incredibly annoying. I want them to be assigned to the whole team. If I assign copies, it shows “Client Joe’s Birthday” ten times on the team calendar today. Obviously, that won’t work. I want it to show up ONCE on the team calendar, as well as in “My Tasks” for each team member. That way, everyone is aware it is Client Joe’s birthday, and if anyone talks to him today, they can say Happy Birthday.

This would also be helpful for:
“Check the Mail”
"Team Meeting Today at 2:00"
“Office Closed Today”
“Water the Plants”
“Diane on Vacation”

Not all tasks need a “Directly Responsible Individual” - can someone PLEASE make this happen??


Since Asana “knows” what Teams are in Asana and whom is on what team, I could see it helpful to be able to assign something to the Team. Perhaps those would display within a section of the “My Tasks” view called “Team Tasks”.


Why not a shared calendar (outlook, gmail, gsuite) for those sorts of things?:thinking:

As a program focused on tasks (and groups of tasks) I don’t think it will ever be good at those sorts of things (unless they build a whole new calendar feature).


My client wants me to reassign the task to her when I am done - but then I don’t see her comments in my active tasks anymore. Blech. Stupid design.


Yes please! Often a few people are responsible for one task. If the task is copied for all of them instead of being issued to them jointly it’s much more difficult to track. It comes up as seperate tasks for each. Its just unwieldy.

It would be a huge improvement and my team members have been asking this since day 1


I also very much agree with having a primary/secondary assignee so Asana’s philosophy of having one person responsible can be respected while customer’s needs can be fulfilled.


Be sure to vote if you’re really excited about this feature! :slight_smile:


I think the “Team Tasks” solution would work great in many levels. I, for one, would use multiple assignees in tasks that work more as reminders than as simply scheduled tasks. In this case the ability to assign a task to a whole team would work wonderfully, showing up only once in the team calendar but also in every member’s “My Tasks”.


Hi everyone,
Same problem with our team, I do think that the “team” solution is the best.
I would love to assign some tasks to two people but a team could do the thing.

Imagine: you can create virtual users that are teams and let just use this team as a person in the tasks.
It is easier I think to ASANA dev to make this, juste make people see their tasks and the ones of their team(s) int their “My task” section and just let us use this team person as responsibkle to a task.

I do not understand why people come to say “don’t do that” ! I do understand that you should not respond to every single demand but this one is asked for years by a lot of people… please consider it.

ANd to those who propose to find another software : just no.
We love ASANA and that’s why we want it to evolve with us.

Management is changing. Evolve with it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I agree with needing to assign multiple people to a “task”.

Most people I know using ASANA use the Task feature in a different way than I think ASANA ever intended for it to be used. We use task cards as a “sub project” and with that each a “task list” is more of a mini-project with multiple tasks under it needing to be completed. The majority of those tasks are multi-part tasks that require two or more people to be assigned.

If you could create the option, almost like a “tag”, under each check list item to add more than just a single “assignee” that would be incredible!!


I see the Asana’s philosophy of 1 assignee per task and I totally agree. On the other hand, as previous noted by the other comments, it is useful to track tasks in which you are involved but not directly responsible.

Having a list of secondary assignees would be wonderful. Everyone should see the task in My Tasks, eventually written in a different color or flagged somehow. In this way the primary assignee keeps the responsibility.

I’ve been using tags to do something similar in the last weeks (a tag for every team member, and every task is tagged with the names of the primary and secondary assignees. Opening the tag helps you to see every task in which you are involved), but with a bigger team/organization it is probably impossible.


This is exactly how to make everyone happy, i guess.