'Assign Date' Calendar Changes Sizes, Moves Controls

This is a papercut—the product is technically usable, but every time I use it, I get more annoyed.

When you’re assigning a date, the default interface is a calendar date picker. If you need to schedule a few months forward, your natural response is to click the arrow a few times. But every time you hit a month that’s longer or shorter, the calendar changes size vertically, moving the button.

Here are two changes I’d like to see:

  • anchor the calendar from the top so the buttons are always in the same place.
  • make the Due Date text field always visible by default: if you already know your end date, it’s not clear you can click Add Start Date to show End Date, and even if you know that, it’s an extra click.

Or whatever. I’m not a UX designer. I’m just a user who gets irritated when things I’m clicking move around. Thanks for reading!

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