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New user here, using free version (online not mobile app) to test this out. Trying to assign copies of a task and it’s not working. I don’t get the two people icon next to the assignee per the video and blog post. The only thing I can do is assign it to someone else on my team, it won’t copy.
But I’m trying to copy a whole task, as we have many similar tasks. The project detail page looks different than on the blog post–has it been updated and now things are different?

video: Ways to save time in Asana | Product guide • Asana
blog: How to assign copies of a task in Asana


Did you open the task’s Task Detail pane (right side) and click the Assignee field there? You should see the two-person icon.

If you instead click on the Assignee column without opening Task Detail, you won’t see the two-peron icon.

If it’s not that, I’m not sure and will defer to the others here!


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Welcome to the Forum @Manya_Chylinski and apologies for the confusion:

As @lpb explained, in order to assign copies of a task you first need to open the task details. Once there you should be able to see the two-person icon once you click on the assignee field - please see the screenshot attached.

I hope this helps Manya but please let us know if you need further assistance on this!

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Aha! Yes. I see it now. Thanks Larry and Natalia for the quick replies!



im experimenting this same problem but even on the task details, that two-person icon wont appear neither of your website nor on your desktop app, nor mobile app

Please help since I need this feature for my organization, we are on a trial period



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Welcome, @Andrea_Garin_Villanu,

Look near the bottom of the image you posted for the blue “Assign duplicate tasks.” That’s how to reach this feature now (the UI changed some time ago).

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