Assign a subtask within a task in a project

I have several projects (Countries) and within each project, I have different tasks (clients) and inside those the tasks for each of one. From the app, I have not found how to assign a task within the subtasks. Is this possible? The only option I have found is to assign at the project level.

Thanks for your help

I am not sure I understand your question. You want to assign a subtask?

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Also @Juan_Gutierrez please indicate if you’re referring to the iOS or Android app.

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Andorid app

Hi, yes , My task , for example, is Company XYZ and I want to assign a subtask for this company

A subtask is a regular task, so once created, you can open the subtask and assign it…

I using Andoird App and, as you can see in the image, this is not possible, because I can t select the subtask where I need to assign the activities

@Juan_Gutierrez, For me on Android, I can just tap the subtask then it replaces the parent task and the subtask becomes the focus with the ability to assign a person, date, sub-subtasks, etc.


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