Assign a colleague to a task based on the form

Hello! We have a special feedback form, where the feedback giver fills out the feedback receiver mail. Is it possible to assign the task to a feedback receiver automatically?
Thank you!

Hey @Kseniia_Erzh, if only the feedback receiver should be notified then I am thinking how about using the email field in the form to enter the feedback receiver email instead and then have another text field so the receiver knows from whom the feedback was.
(When doing this add detailed instructions so each person submitting the form knows which email-address to enter)

Or depending on how many people are involved you could also add a dropdown so the person can select the feedback receiver and then you have rules set up to notify this person via a comment or then you can also add the task to their project etc.

If that does not help and you would also need various email notifications then have a look into Flowsana


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