Ask twice when trying to create several sub-tasks



First of all: great service, team! I like it very much.

For the second time i faced the following pitfall: I occasionally do ctrl+c on a huge multi-line piece of text, then go to asana, start creating sub-task, press ctrl+v (thinking that I have something short in my clipboard) and get HELL amount of sub-tasks created.

Possible solution: before creating sub-tasks, ask “do you really want to create that hell amount of tasks?”



It’s actually a cool feature that you can paste line-delimited lists into a blank line in Asana, and sections and tasks will be automatically created. For example, paste this on a new line:

Section 1:
Section 2:

and you get this:

This also works in reverse: You can multiple-select tasks with the shift key and press Ctrl-C to copy, then paste into Notepad or some other text editor.

Unfortunately, there’s no Undo if the paste was a mistake, so I second your feature request. You can multiple-select the erroneous tasks and choose Delete Tasks from the three-dot menu in the resulting right pane.


Something even easier that I picked up is Tab+Backspace to delete. I do this kind of thing a lot and it’s a lot faster for some reason (aside from using the mouse to do it).


@Caisha You can delete multiple tasks that way, but not subtasks. So-- Maybe the feature request should include the ability to multi-select and delete sub-tasks.


You can still Tab-Backspace the subtasks, multiselect them, etc. - I do it all the time. If they’re not all in the same task, I just do a search for all subtasks in that project or w/e and do it that way =)


OH MY!!! Tab-Backspace just saved my LIFE!!! Thank you @Caisha


That’s how I felt when I learned it! Haha =) Awesome.