Ask Asana Why We Cannot Invite Any More Guest Users?

I can’t find a webpage to open a ticket, could someone help me?


Hi @Berto_Mamawal_Manage and welcome to the forum!

To send a support request, go to this page:

Click on “I’m having trouble with…”,
then scroll down near the bottom of the page and click the “Let’s talk” button.

That will take you to the support form you’re looking for.

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Hello @Phil_Seeman,

Yes I’ve been there a lot of times but it doesn’t show any option for opening a support ticket, It’s just like a Q&A section.

please check my screenshot below.

Were having issues that we cannot invite guess users onto our asana, it says that contact support for this.


Hi @Berto_Mamawal_Manage, I’m sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing!

You can certainly invite Guests to your Organization but it seems you are experiencing an error that our support team will need to investigate further. Please follow the steps advised by @Phil_Seeman here:

Please let me know once you have submitted your request and I can confirm internally if it was submitted suscesfully. I hope this helps!

It seems you didn’t follow the rest of my instructions. When you click that link and then scroll down, you’ll be here:

Click “Let’s talk” to get to the support form.

Hello, I’m having the same problem. Is there a fix for this? I also submitted a ticket for support but they haven’t gotten back to me. @Phil_Seeman

Apologies for the trouble @Mark_Valdereza, I have liaised with our support team and they will be in touch very shortly!