Does AsanaDaily still exist? There is an error message that means nothing to me and I can’t devote the time to learn it. The chat never responds. The sales email doesn’t respond either. I contacted Asana and they tell me they are two separate entities. This is very confusing to a consumer. I say close it down if it doesn’t function. This is the message and you shouldn’t expect a user to understand that. The stdout/stderr output of the subprocess so far is: benv: version `2.6.3’ is not installed (set by /var/www/

We haven’t heard from AsanaDaily in years. @Andrew_Clapham is the founder. I’ll email him.
Edit: I just did

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Hey guys. Thanks for emailing me mate.

Sorry it’s gone down, I’ve been busy with other projects. Let me see if I can fix the issue on my server.


Back up! :+1: