Asana2Go Table Using Subtasks freezing when adding project.collaborators - Array

I copied “Table Using Subtasks” and added the project.collaborators - Array Helper into the report but it freezes and never produces any of the three Outputs. Other fields I’ve added don’t seem to impact it.


Great that you’re using Asana2Go to make custom reports!

I just duplicated the standard format “Table - Including Subtasks” and modified it to add project collaborators and it works fine for me using the syntax below.

If you want to display the project collaborators in the header of the report, then use this:

{{collaboratorsValues project.collaborators spacer=', '}}

It will show you the set of names of collaborators of the project, separated by a comma and space.

But if you’re nested your reference within a {{#tasks}} iteration, then you’d use:

{{collaboratorsValues ../project.collaborators spacer=', '}}

Note: The above assumes your selections are in a project view. The project.* properties are meaningful there but not from My Tasks or Search Results view selections as it states in the Helper tab heading for Project; in those cases maybe you’re looking for tasks.n.projects.n.collaborators (or the subtasks version of that) which refers to the project collaborators of project(s) the task/subtask is a member of.

You need to use devtools to debug if you’re not getting the output you want. And it’s not really freezing; it looks like that because the working spinner doesn’t get removed, but if you look in devtools you’ll see an error. And you have to look in the correct devtools window; there’s more than one for a Chrome extension.

Because I don’t want to clutter Asana’s Forum with Asana2Go support, please contact me in Private Message here or at for any follow-up.



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Thank you!

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