Asana2Go: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly (Free for most users/companies)

Thanks. Yes, I checked it out but unfortauntely it’s not suitable for us since we don’t always have a 1:1 relationship between asana projects and projects we track on a larger basis. The workaround looks like it will be creating a single task per project that is multihomed in a larger dashboard project. I’ll keep playing around and seeing what happens.

One follow up — is there a way to pull across colors related to custom fields in Asana2Go so the values of the custom fields can be color coded in the output?


Well, this shouldn’t preclude using the demonstrated solution really. The video shows that you can elect to include whatever projects you want; for the ones to include you just multi-home the special task; for the other, just don’t!

The custom field color info is available to you, just like all the other properties, so you can see below that cool-gray is the color from Asana. To use it you could add class="cool-gray" to your markup and then in the CSS tab make a .cool-gray style rule. The info below is just a portion of the tasks array available to you; you’ll recognize some of the fields from your working with your custom format. These are all documented in the Helpers tab.

There are certain Integrations that are so useful and fundamental to all Asana users I think they should be pinned at the top of Tips and Tricks so no new Community Forum User misses them. @Marie I wish you would consider this in the Community. layout. The reason this came to mind is that the work that Larry Berger has done in creating Asana2Go, the closest thing available to a report writer is frankly remarkable. But unless somebody makes a comment on it, it remains buried in the Community, (albeit I know it is a listed integration). So for those of you that have not taken the time to look at Asana2Go Asana2Go - Chrome Web Store you are really missing a wonderful reporting tool.

I would also list in this category @Bastien_Siebman Tag listing utility and Custom Field listing utility. Tagsana: list all tags of an organization or workspace and List all custom fields of an organization - #18 by Bastien_Siebman These tools have been developed for the community and do not compete with anything that Asana has developed internally and are provided for free use. Why not have them much more visible. Additionally they do not change any data so they are no risk to one’s Asana installation.


Hi @James_Carl and thanks for submitting this idea!

All third-party integration officially compatible and endorsed by Asana are listed in Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana. I’m more than happy to pin this link in both #tipsandtricks and #integrations category, but I don’t want to keep a separate list in the Forum as I don’t have the capacity to systematically update it or to make all necessary verifications before endorsing them! :slight_smile:


I think it would be great to pin Asana2Go , Tagsana, the tag listing utility, and Custom Fields listing at the top of Tips and Tricks. I think the key distinction between these three are they are free and they do not alter data. They are a resource to enhance the user information requirements. I cannot speak for @lpb and @Bastien_Siebman but if they agree many users would benefit.

That would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, @James_Carl, for all those kind words! And thanks, @Marie, for your support for third-party tools in whatever manner is fair and manageable. There are clearly other great third-party tools out there, including James’ own Sendana family of apps, even if they don’t meet the narrow criteria of read-only James outlines here.

It’s great to be able to contribute to this fine community!



@lpb while I appreciate the mention of Sendana products I feel the free utilities that have broad application across the community and fill a need are the type that would make pinning them much easier for @Marie They have a broad application whereas many of the integrations are much more targeted and are not free. This standard of broad application and free makes them much more natural as a full community tool. :slight_smile: And the read only keeps it safe! I would rather keep this simple than sacrifice the Community knowing about the useful utilities that I mentioned.


Hello! This is a great tool! Very helpful. I’ve tried using the custom report builder, but I’m struggling with my specific requirement. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I have a saved search of all uncompleted (non sub-)tasks across all projects. I would like to make a report that displays all these tasks grouped and sorted by Project Name. Is that possible?

Sorry if this has been asked before!

Hi @Kyle_Johnson, Thanks for the great comment! Sure, you can group by Project Name. There’s an example of grouping by Assignee in the standard report Example Only - eachSortGroup Helper - Sort/Group by Assignee and another example of grouping by Status in Projects Dashboard (view this standard report and see the commented lines explaining how to group by Status). You can use the Help tab to get the Project Name, or use the examples. PM me if you have problems.



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Thanks for the quick response.
I tried a few things with no luck. I tried to sort and group by (no change), and project_for_dashboard (“object object” appeared in bold above every task.
Are those the right properties?

Hi @Kyle_Johnson, I’ll PM you and get it taken care of!

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Due to an Asana API change:

. . . Asana2Go now uses the property .gid instead of .id for tasks, subtasks, projects, memberships, etc.

Everything is working correctly with standard format reports provided with the product.

But if you’ve written your own custom formats, and if you’ve used .id in them (rare), you’ll need to update those references to .gid and save.



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Since Asana rolled out the new subtasks formatting, what is the handlebar for a subtask tag?


By “Since Asana rolled out the new subtasks formatting” do you mean the ability to now select subtasks below parent tasks in the main lists view w/o having to open the detail pane?

If so, then you’ll be happy to know that Asana2Go fully supports that already. In list view you can select:

  • tasks
  • subtasks
  • a combination of both

What’s key to recognize is that Asana2Go treats all those as top level tasks in the results. So in the following:

There are 16 tasks selected as far as A2G is concerned. (If that isn’t what you want, then either don’t expand parent tasks in list view or, if they’re expanded, don’t include any of them in your selection. For example, if you didn’t select any of Task 2’s subtasks, then you’d have 8 selections of top-level tasks, not 16.)

Regardless of what else is selected, if Task 2 is included in the selection set it will have eight subtasks. So in A2G, it will have a subtasks array of eight. (This is true in either of the two selection methods outlined above–Task 2 has eight subtasks regardless.)

So, for selections in the list view, tags are specified with {{tags}}. This is shown in the helpers tab:


And you can format them with the two tags helpers, one is just {{tagsValues tags}} and the more flexible one is:

Remember, all the above pertains to selections in the list view. And so if you select subtasks in the list view, you can get to their tags as above.

If what you’re asking is: How in A2G do I show tags of sub-subtasks selected in the list view, well, right now those are not available in A2G (though some other sub-subtasks metadata is avaialable) but I could add them. Is that what you need? If so, let me know, and I can probably do that later next week.

(Asana2Go also permits selection of a task’s subtasks in the detail pane. Those become top-level tasks in A2G. So that would be a way to get to sub-subtasks quite easily now.)

I hope that makes sense (a little hard to convey!). And let me know if you need tags of sub-subtasks available.



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Asana2Go works great on the MS Edge browser too!

For info, go to Add, turn off, or remove extensions in Microsoft Edge and scroll to: To add an extension to Microsoft Edge from the Chrome Web Store.

In about 15 seconds you’re up and running.


Hello! Are we able to export Calendars, as a PDF?

@julie_ferrer, Asana2Go doesn’t offer a calendar layout among the standard reports, but any of the available standard reports, or custom ones you create, are available as PDF output.

This video, Asana2Go: Slide Presentations with Asana - YouTube, from about the one-minute mark for the next minute, shows some of the available outputs visually.


Dark mode would be nice

Dark mode for the reports or for the tool itself @jakez ? Because I believe you can fully customize the reports.