Asana works better with which communications tool, Microsoft Teams or Slack?

Asana works better with which communications tool? Microsoft Teams or Slack?

Slack and it’s not even close and that’s because the notification functionality in Microsoft Teams (when tasks are created/completed/etc.) is completely broken and neither Asana nor Microsoft will fix it.

Slack is closest you’ll get to real-time desktop notifications of things you follow in Asana. Yes there are browser notifications, but those are limited and you can’t reply-in line the way you can via Slack.

Teams does let you sync a project to an Asana tab, but it’s pointless because all you can do is mark items complete. If you click on anything to see details it redirects you to the browser.

Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to get an answer from the Asana folks and this is helpful.

Is there any other communications tools you think is worth trying? Which of the two (Slack or MT) would you recommend to a company of architects with 3 different teams?

@Luisa_Pieper if your company already uses Office365, I’d suggest Teams as it’s free. Slack is free, but somewhat limited especially if using at larger company / across teams. Teams is steadily getting better within Microsoft’s own app environment with tighter integration in Outlook and with OneDrive/Sharepoint file sharing.

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Thanks Ben! We don’t use Office so we decided to use Slack, and it’s going really well, everybody is embracing it! Thanks a lot for the advice