Asana Work-In-Progress Features List


Hello Asana Team,

I was hoping to find a list of Asana features (here:, as well as a list of the features Asana is currently working on, but I have not been able to find the latter.

I am mostly interested in the feature of having custom fields show up in “My Tasks”, for which there seems to be a good amount of interest and requests for a status update (Custom Fields in My Tasks). However, in general I think a list of features Asana is working on would be useful for customers who’d like to know if they need to continue to show their support for adding a feature, or whether the Asana team is already working on it.

I understand the decision not to have a roadmap—customer-facing deadlines are difficult. But when you don’t have a simple list of features-being-worked-on then the request for customer feedback rings hollow; if we don’t know what’s being worked on, how do we know if we’re wasting our time voicing our opinion, or conversely if we need reach our and garner support for a much-wanted feature.

All the best,


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