Asana Voice task titles are unnecessarily truncat...

Asana Voice is an incredible addition to Asana. I use it all the time!

However one thing that I find annoying is that the current implementation truncates task titles to something like 40 characters. I find myself often needing to copy the words that have been truncated from the description to the end of the task title.

I see why you want to eventually truncate titles, but please could we have them truncate at around 80 characters rather than 40. 5 or 6 words just aren’t enough context usually. See here for example

Hi @Niel_Bowerman :wave: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Glad to hear you find Asana voice useful! :raised_hands: I totally agree with your suggestion! I’ve gone ahead and made a task to share your feedback with the team!

Have a great day!

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Fab! Thanks so much.

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Hi @Natalia, do you know if this suggestion went anywhere? This is still an issue for me. Has it just not had enough upvotes to be taken forwards?