"Asana uncovered a lot of issues we had"

:studio_microphone: “Asana uncovered a lot of issues we had. Now it’s visible, we can see people not doing work or not handing over work properly”.

This is a gut feeling I had for a long time, it was confirmed by previous clients and was once again: a company using Asana found out that deploying the tools was beneficial by uncovering issues on existing processes and workflows.

This is great news for anyone who’s looking at Asana, but be careful not to impute those issues to Asana itself, rather than realising those were existing issues your company had!

Did Asana reveal issues as well in your case?


Asana helped us identify issues with access to information!

When we were suddenly confronted by the loss of an influential team member we had to work diligently to track down information stored in other tools/systems. - often private and password protected.

It forced us to streamline our channels, prioritize communicating and storing information in one place, and in a way that is understood by many, rather than just one.