Asana trial, need to replace TeamworkProjects 'Notebook' feature in Asana

we are auditioning ASANA as a possible replacement for Teamwork Projects at our company. We like the UX very much, but we have one feature missing from our current use of Teamwork. We have people who travel to events and we have been using Teamwork’s ‘Notebook’ to compile event/travel info for our people to access data and info in a ‘one-sheet’ type view while they are mobile. Does ASANA have a similar feature or add-on app that would take the place and function of a Notebook? Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.

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There isn’t a specific Notebook built-in feature in Asana but you could use Google Docs to take notes and attach it to a task or simply paste the link in the Task’s description. You could also Evernote integration for this purpose.

I’m pinging other members in the Forum to see if they have some other ideas and experience to share: @lpb @Jason_Woods @Phil_Seeman @Bastien_Siebman @Katie_Reynolds

Some of my projects are knowledge base where a task is actually just a note. It is not assigned to anyone, it just holds information.

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There’s a discussion on this topic here as well:



Asana provides similar functionality, but not identical. From what you describe, I’d say an Asana Task (in some Asana Project)) would be equivalent to your one-sheet view notebooks. Use the rich text editing in the Task’s Description field which corresponds to the Notebooks editor.

You can optionally use Subsections and Subtasks to easily create discrete notes in a two-level hierarchy, either to complement the use of the Description or as an alternative.

If your notebook is huge (beyond a one-pager), or if you want to use unique features not in Asana (maybe advanced formatting or track changes) then you could do as @Natalia writes and link to Google Docs or similar.

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