Asana Training Masterclass (OKR's)



What’s up community peep’s!!! Hey so I recently learned the OKR Framework in Asana from the way @Todd_Cavanaugh teaches in the Asana Training Masterclass. It was SOOOOOOOOOO helpful!!!

Just an FYI but I highly recommend everyone take that learning lesson. It really makes things practical and gives you a solid working system for how to implement OKR’s in Asana all in one place.


Thanks, @Sam_Leahey! It was a blast working with you! :+1:



@Todd_Cavanaugh can you explain what that is in a few words?


OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) is a framework of defining and tracking goals and their outcomes. While Asana has a Dashboards feature to track projects, I would say that Dashboards isn’t necessarily designed to track one step higher—that is the highest level organizational goals that each department should be supporting.

What @Sam_Leahey is referring to is how we were able to take the overall quarterly goals for his business where he is CEO, and then break that down into departments that create their own supporting OKRs. There’s also reporting and status update systems we addressed to make sure he had insight into everything.