Asana total time saved tracker?

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I’m aware of the # (number) feature where you can sum the total of minutes / time / hours. But, I was wondering if there’s a way to track in Asana how much time is being saved using this tracking tool?

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Hi @J.P_Altamirano, thanks for reaching out!

I suggest taking a look at our time tracking integrations, like Harvest, for this :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for recommending! I saw this but I don’t think it’s the feature that I was looking for. This is more for time tracking like a punch card to clock in and out.

I was curious to know how much time the rules/automations in Asana take each time it auto-generate a task via created rules. Then, I could use that as “time saved” vs. manually doing them.

I’ll think of another work around instead.


@J.P_Altamirano - this feature isn’t built in, but if it’s a business-critical need, you could build this using Integromat (you could run a periodic – i.e. weekly or monthly – query on the stories across all activity that was executed by Asana (meaning the automated ones) and then use that, and a self-selected time savings per automation to calculate your time saved. You could even then have it displayed back in Asana in a “Productivity Metrics” project.

If you are familiar with Integromat, this will probably only take 15-25 mins to put together. If you need a quick peek into how this could work, feel free to click my profile picture and grab a 15-min “Quick Help Mtg”.

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