Asana to start a small business

Hi! I am new to Asana, and I want to use the platform to collaborate with one or two partners to start a business (put together a business plan, collaborate on a financial model, reach out to other industry contacts etc.).

It’s always been much easier for me to learn by seeing a few examples, rather than trying to navigate tutorials or help docs. Does anyone know of some great examples (ideally with screenshots) that folks have posted about how they use Asana to start a company with a small team? I have been digging around on the ‘use cases’ forum for a while and haven’t really found any use cases of a small team putting together a business plan. Let me know if anyone can help! Thank you!!


@patrick4 I think your best bet is to do a web search of a checklist for starting a new business and then know it is easily entered and monitored through Asana. As a CPA/Chief Financial officer I have started new business ventures. Asana has robust collaboration and ease of use and document collaboration through loading from your computer, google drive, Box, Dropbox or One Drive. Great idea.

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Thank you @james_carl !

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Anyone else have good examples of planning a business with Asana?


To start a relatively small business you need really a lot of thing to be done and to be prepared, for instance, starting founds. For sure you may loan them from something like but that’s leaves no plan B option to your project - you either succeeded or homeless and bankrupt. Cautious planning, inspired people and self - confidence, seasoned with a piece of luck - and you good to go. Best to you

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I have no idea about the promo on this website but here is an example of something easily converted to executable tasks in Asana.StartupChecklist.pdf (633.6 KB)

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