Asana Templates Override



Hi, is there a way to replace existing template for projects? I am trying to setup an integration for new invoices to automatically create an Asana Project with a template. But I’m finding that when Quickbooks pushes the info to Asana, I cannot change the project template within Asana. So this is useless.

I am using zapier to make this zap as well.


@Peter_Blicharz if you are a premium user or above you can create project templates, which you can make look like however you want. Refer here.

Now what I am unsure of is, can Zapier create a new project based on that template… @Vince_Mustachio. you are Zapier guru aren’t you?



I think the API does not allow projects to be based on a template yet


Hey @Jason_Woods, I used Zapier to set up a couple of extra notifications for myself. I’m sure @Bastien_Siebman understanding of what the API can and can’t do and therefore what is possible with Zapier is more useful here.

But I’m not sure what the original problem is @Peter_Blicharz.
Is this about replacing a Template or creating a Project based on a Template?


Hey guys, thanks for the reply.

Essentially what I was looking to do was:

When I issue an invoice in my Quickbooks, it would automatically create a project in Asana, pull in my template and set it all up for me.

Right now, it does this, but does not pull in the required template on the project NOR it allows me to modify the project by adding/exchanging a template I made AFTER the project is already created. Meaning, if Asana pulls in the project from Quickbooks, it creates a blank template project that I can’t exchange for a premade template.

So right now with the help of zapier I set up a work around where Quickbooks New Invoice zaps to Asana to create a TASK instead of a project.

I’d like for Quickbooks to Zap to Asana to create a PROJECT and then allow me to exchange the project template.


@Vince_Mustachio and @Jason_Woods forgot to tag u guys in my previous reply.


That is correct, I cannot select a template which is fine. But I would like to EXCHANGE or OVERRIDE the blank template the project gets created with which I cannot figure out how to do. Is this even possible?


I feel like you are pretty much saying the same thing. Using a template or changing the default blank project is the same for me, or I misunderstood. It is not possible sorry :frowning:


so the only way to do this would be to trash the project and set up a new one with the new desired template?


I am sorry I don’t get what you want to achieve. @Vince_Mustachio @Jason_Woods maybe you understand the issue here better than I do?

For me the solution would be to configure Zapier in a way that it creates “manually” the entire template like you want it. Kinda doing your template but inside Zapier.


Sorry for the confusion Bastien. I’ve shot a video to explain the issues:

  1. Can you replace a project template once the project is created? Or do you need to start a new project altogether?

Video explanation:

I was trying to create a project directly from QBO to Asana but it did not allow me to replace the template. So the work around I found was to create a task instead that promps me to create the project as a workaround. However, I’d like to avoid extra work if possible


Ok got it thanks. So no, Zapier does not allow to choose a template to create a project from. In my opinion your only solution here is to create all the tasks of your “template” using Zapier… Or have Zapier create a task telling you to manually create a project using a template :sweat_smile:


Awesome, thanks!

Does Asana allow you to change the template after a project is created?


Nope it does not.


Got it, thank you! Your help is much appreciated!