Asana templates lock custom fields


Hey, we are setting up a bug tracking project but can’t create a custom field called Priority since it is already in the Asana created template, and those can’t be edited. Is there really no way for me to create a custom field called Priority? Seems like something most would run into. So is there a solution or do I have to name it something else?


Hi @Ritzau! You’re completely right, as it stands templates custom fields cannot be edited. One way I found to work around this is to add a “.” before or after “Priority” when creating my own priority custom field. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks, kind of icky solution I think. A project tool where I can’t customize the priority levels is kind of mind boggling.


I completely understand your point @Ritzau. I would suggest adding your request to the #productfeedback category so community members can vote for it. I’ll also write a note for our Product Managers on my end.